The Volvo Girl Story

A girl with passion and no profession... heh

Let's start it simple. My name is Annika Miftakhova and I'm a full time student. I study marketing, sales, PR, and Advertising. That's it. I know nothing more... I have no technical background and no understanding of technical processes in cars. I am a girl, who has never had to change her own tyres or wheels ever. (Not that I can't do it, just never had to...).

What I do know is that I am a person with specific traits - I have passion, loyalty, and dedication. In last few months I managed to gain certain following online by sharing a greatest passion of mine - love for Volvo Cars. 

I was 10 years old when my dad bought a V40 from Bilia Herttoniemi, the first Volvo in my family. That's where the whole story started... As an only kid, I never got to experience how it is to have sisters and brothers, so all I could do was humanise objects and think of them as my friends. And having always to be on a move (we have been spending most of the time in the car, stuck in traffic jams, having long road trips and etc.), its no surprise I developed a friendly relationship with a car. I used to be seated in the back row, always trying to maintain cleanliness, carefully watching so no one would leave any marks on leather and having zero tolerance policy when it came to food in car. I loved the ride so much I could have been seen talking to it. (I know it sounds like early stages of schizophrenia) I didn't care about it. It was my only friend, who was helping me overcome my parents' divorce.

Then there was the S60, that gorgeous Titanium Grey Volvo with 2.5 litre turbo charged AWD beauty. This car was the epitome of what we could afford by that time. The essence of that leather still hunts me to this day...

I OWE MY LIFE TO IT - 12 y.o. Annika

That icy road with snowy banks on both sides, the wintery weather in late December Russia... 3 lines, one each way and one in the middle for overtakes... I remember sitting on the back row in that gorgeous S60, just behind the empty passenger seat, across from my dad, who was driving. My cousin sitting next to me on a kids pillow. We just exit a small village, and were slowly speeding up. The middle lane was for us to overtake, yet there was no need, since there was no one in front. 10 seconds in and we see two trucks approaching our way. Gaining speed one of them was trying to overtake another, using our middle lane... But what we didn't expect was another trucker, who was trying to overtake previous two, goint straight on us. That was one of the scariest moments in our lives. With a hawk like reflexes, my father turned the steering wheel to the side, sliding the car to the side, few centimetres away from the truck, tyres gasping for solid ground, finding only ice. We slid by those trucks, avoiding collision... but continued gliding as a figure skater towards ongoing traffic. One more turn of steering wheel to straighten the car, and we skid to a snowbank below. Seconds passed and we were airborne, flipping several times in the air, screaming our lungs out, we landed on all four... safe, only because of the car. She took all the damage... she saved us. When I climbed outside and saw the damage, I collapsed in tears. It saved us. I owe my life to it. I owe it all. 

And so, while on my knees, while in this vulnerable state, I promised my life to the brand. I promised to devote every minute I have to share this experience and let people know, why I think the brand is worth or its name, why everyone should have a Volvo Car. 

So that's how it became my life...