Annika Miftakhova

I fell in love with Volvo Cars in a very hard moment in my life. I learned about my parents split up, I saw a puppy being ran over by a car, and a lost kid abandoned somewhere in the streets. I turned into emotional mess in need of a friend... that's when Volvo Cars came into my life. Reading about brands history, trying its cars, learning about its values inspired me and gave a sense of home. It filled my life with an ideal, a goal and a purpose.

I had experienced those safety standards Volvo Cars are known for personally. We had an accident on our family road trip from Moscow (Russia) to Helsinki (Finland) some years ago, in which our S60 took all the damage saving all our lives. The moment I saw the damage and realised how is it that we are still standing, I swore my life to Volvo Cars. I swore to promote the company and what it stands for till the moment I can no longer breathe.

Years will go by, but I will always keep my word.